Digital Art, Crypto and NFT: a new world to discover

Digital Art, Crypto and NFT: a new world to discover


Digital Art, Crypto and NFT: a new world to discover



A work of art sold for thousands and thousands of euro is nothing new. But what if we discover that we are talking about a “simple” digital work of art? One of those images that we can find on the internet or on any social network reproduced in the most varied forms?

A panel discussion with some international representatives of The Crypto Art and NFT sector, to discover the new scenarios and  opportunities that are changing the world of the digital creativity, with very interesting economic and artistic implications.


Andrea Concas (ITALY)     

Art tech entrepreneur, Art Rights  Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of the art startup Art Backers, of Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of artworks, and of ArtBackers.Agency, a Cultural Marketing and Communication agency dedicated to the world of Art 3.0.  Read more


Joey Camacho (Vancouver, Canada)   

AvantForm co-founder and digital artist   

Joey Camacho, also known as Raw & Rendered, is a tech-centric digital artist and director, and co-founder of AvantForm. He has worked professionally with brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Adobe, and Under Armour, and has been a passionate contributor through his #ProgressBeforePerfection Everyday Series, which began in 2014, now in its eighth consecutive year. Read more

Kyle Szostek aka Simulation Lab (Brooklyn- USA)   

3D Artist/Animator

Kyle Szostek, aka Simulation Lab is a 3D artist and animator from Brooklyn, NY. His animation work primarily focuses on strange, funny, and anxiety-latent narratives which are shrouded behind a visually-pleasing aesthetic. Read more

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